Friday, 25 November 2016

News Summary of Collaboration and Shared Services from 23rd November 2016

If "culture eats strategy for breakfast" then maybe you may have to grow a culture of collaboration in the next generation of public sector workers to gain true collaborative transformation.

So it is exciting to learn, in the news item below, that instead of there being Northamptonshire Police Cadets, Ambulance Cadets, and Fire Cadets there is a single "Emergency Services Cadets" organisation.

Here is the rest of the news and collaboration jobs from the last few days...


West of England councils agree to devolution deal

Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire councils yesterday gave their final endorsement to a devolution deal. Read more >>>

£450m Greater Lincolnshire devolution deal collapses

The Greater Lincolnshire devolution deal worth £450 million looks set to be off for good after it has been formally rejected by two of the ten local authorities. Read more >>>

Norfolk and Suffolk devolution deal latest to be withdrawn

Communities and local government secretary Sajid Javid has withdrawn the Norfolk and Suffolk devolution deal after it was rejected by local councils. Read more >>>

Local Government

Council capabilities must be ‘put to use’ in STP joint work, says CIPFA

The sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) lack robust plans to deliver savings and should make more use of integrated working, the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) has said. Read more >>>

Comment: Partnerships are pathway to transformational change

Birmingham City Council's planning director Waheed Nazir explains the importance of partnerships between private companies and public bodies in moving the city forward. Read more >>>

Controversial outsourcing contract saves council over £30m

A review of a controversial contract between Barnet Council and private company Capita has revealed overall savings of £31m and high levels of resident satisfaction. Read more >>>

Blue Light Transformation

PCC Investigates taking over Fire and Rescue Service Authority

Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has confirmed he intends to make use of new government legislation which allows PCCs to take responsibility for the fire service. A business case for the PCC to become the fire authority is now being explored. Read more >>>

Emergency Services Cadets, Northampton

The Emergency Services Cadets have now expanded and from September will be delivering a combined Emergency Services curriculum allowing our young people to develop skills across our Emergency Services as well as important social and life skills. Read more >>>

Health & Social Care

NHS outsourcing contract collapses due to 'catalogue of failures'

MPs say contract was 'undermined from the start by poor commercial expertise, a lack of realistic pricing, and weak oversight'. Read more >>>

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething launches new dementia framework for Wales

Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport Vaughan Gething AM is today (Thursday 17 November 2016) launching a new training resource that will help provide better, more consistent care and support for people with dementia in Wales. Read more >>>

Information-sharing agreement to improve children’s services

A new information-sharing agreement looks set to improve children’s care services across England. The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) and Ofsted have agreed to share information with a view to improving each other’s intelligence of local authorities children’s services. Read more >>>


Sovereign merger completes

As a result of the merger, the new Sovereign will become a 55,000-home housing association. With a strong regional focus, the new social business can better serve the needs of existing residents by continuing to invest in homes and services as well as being able to build more affordable homes for people in housing need across the south. Read more >>>

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

News Summary of Collaboration and Shared Services from 16th November 2016

The 2016 police efficiency reports (PEEL) are out and one section in the reviews is the collaborative working activity of the forces. So, if you are thinking of approaching a police force to collaborate with, check out their “collaboration” review in advance. See the link below.

Here is the rest of this week’s collaboration news and jobs…

Health & Social Care

Video: Why it is time to pay attention to non-clinical staff

The NHS could not do any work without the contribution of 587,647 support staff. They are the focus of the HSJ/Serco Inquiry on Maximising the Contribution of NHS Non-Clinical Staff. Read more >>>

STP first impressions - What NHS England isn’t telling you and more

Here follow some early impressions from reading most of the “full” October sustainability and transformation plan submissions we have had so far and from discussions with those in the know in recent days and weeks. Read more >>>

STPs 'far from perfect' but NHS has no plan B, warns think tank

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) have failed to involve frontline clinicians or patients and have been mired in confusion, a leading think tank has warned. Read more >>>

Partnership aims to save NHS money with retail tech

Technology used by retail giants ranging from Tesco to Argos could now save the NHS millions of pounds, as a result of a new partnership between NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) and British technology company Virtualstock. Read more >>>

Local Government

The long run-in: Changing culture, IT and services in East Sussex and Surrey

Matthew Scott says Surrey and East Sussex county councils are in a “virtuous situation” where, having rethought how they provide services across the two regions, they are ready to operate with a unified back office. Read more >>>

Welsh councils should think ‘strategically’ about charging for services

Local authorities are not using all the options at their disposal to generate income because of weaknesses in their policies and in how they use data, auditors say. Read more >>>

Blue Light Transformation

PEEL: police efficiency 2016

The national overview report of police efficiency is accompanied by a separate report on each force, based on inspections carried out from March to July 2016, and data provided by forces on their spending plans for future years. Read more >>>

Hampshire F&R shakes up ICT to obtain agility

Interview: Neil Moore, head of ICT at Hampshire Fire & Rescue, explains that it is moving the function back in-house to support its transformation programme. Read more >>>

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

News Summary of Collaboration and Shared Services from 9th November 2016

The news items below, and the 16 jobs we bring you this week, evidence that collaborative working has moved from “nice to do”, to being one of the mainstream solution to the big problems. Also, the ‘merger’ word is back on the table for local government.

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 The next six-month part-time study cohort starts on 22nd February 2017. So, from the end of Feb 2017 at your promotion or job interviews, you can claim you are on the Collaborative Transformation postgrad cert. You will gain CTPrac recognition immediately and, following graduation in August/Sept (assuming you pass), you can confirm the postgrad qualification at interview and your recognition as a CTArc™ (Collaborative Transformation Architect).
Here is the key collaboration news and jobs from the last seven days and you can download your free Autumn 2016 edition of Collaborative Transformation Magazine by clicking here

Local Government

Give councils financial incentive to merge says report

Local authorities should be financial incentivised to merge together, such as limiting business rates retention to combined and unitary authorities, a new report has argued today. Read more >>>

CCN sets out evidence on potential local government reorganisation

The County Councils Network (CCN) has today published two independent studies looking into potential local government reorganisation in county areas. Read more >>>

Drakeford sets out timetable for council revamp

The timetable for local government reform in Wales has been set out by the local government secretary, Mark Drakeford. Read more >>>

Are STPs achievable?

As I write this blog, another local authority has commented on it’s published Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). Read more >>>

ICT leaders should adopt ‘place as a platform’ approach says Socitm

Senior ICT managers should be planning their future strategies around ‘platforms’ and ‘places’, says Socitm. Read more >>>

Highway Code Updates

A CIPFA Practical Guide to Alternative Delivery Models

This new CIPFA guide gives clear explanations of the different types of alternative models and vehicles, their structures and frameworks. It will help those involved in supporting existing alternative delivery vehicles as well as those considering establishing new delivery models. Read more >>>

Report calls for £1bn fund to transfer public assets to communities

The Government should invest £1bn to help transfer public buildings and land into the hands of community groups. Read more >>>

How data analytics is shaping the future of local government

2016 has been a big year for big data and it’s clear that as we approach 2017, big data analytics represents an important shift in the world of business. Read more >>>

DODS: UK Government Wallchart to Download

Following the changes to UK government departments over summer, Dods Monitoring has produced a useful chart for your office wall detailing the full range of ministers in Theresa May’s government, as well as their key responsibilities. Read more >>>


Merger confirmed | Transform Housing & Support and Cherchefelle Housing Association

We are pleased to announce that the proposed merger between the Transform Housing & Support and Cherchefelle Housing Association, originally announced in October 2015, has now been finalised. Read more >>>

Health & Social Care

‘Under the radar’ integration reaps rewards

In April last year, the council and CCG set up an integrated finance system for wellbeing, covering a large range of services including not just health and social care, but also leisure, housing and education. Read more >>>

Welsh care info system builds momentum

The country’s push to integrate health and social care onto one IT platform is making progress. Read more >>>

Report on A&E staffing levels draws concern from RCN

The Health Select Committee has issued its report on winter planning in A&E departments calling for improved staffing in emergency departments and more funding for social care. Read more >>>

The innovative 3D printing collaboration that will transform care for head-injury patients in Wales

Patients who suffer a serious head injury or disease will soon be able to rebuild their lives more quickly – thanks to innovative 3D printing technology. Read more >>>

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