Thursday, 15 December 2016

News Summary of Collaboration and Shared Services from 14th December 2016

It’s that time again for the SSA Christmas jokes to spice up your work’s party, or drinks with the neighbours. Here are some of our favourites from 2016…

·         What has 100 legs and no teeth? The front row at a Cliff Richard concert!

·         Did you hear about the man who swallowed a box of scrabble letters? The doctor said going to the loo could spell trouble!

·         Bad news! The London Origami Club has just folded.

·         I said to the doctor, "A row of books fell off the wall and landed on my head!". She said, "You've only got your shelf to blame!".

·         I was playing a piano in a bar when an elephant walked in and started crying. I said “Do you recognize the tune?” He said, “No, I recognize the ivory!”.

Here is your collaborative news and job vacancies, for the last seven days. This is your last newsletter of 2016 and we look forward to seeing you in the new year….

Local Government

How will budget impact on local council services?

What's the link between the Scottish government's budget and council budgets? Councils are heavily dependent on the Scottish government for their money. Read more >>>

Councils sought to trial data-consent auditing service ahead of GDPR

Local authorities are being asked to partner in the development of a service that will manage and monitor people’s consent to data-sharing, in a bid to ease compliance with new European Union data protection rules. Read more >>>

Dorset residents support local government ‘shake-up’

Residents in Dorset have given their ‘clear backing’ for changing local government structures. Read more >>>

Health & Social Care

Getting personal – how one London borough is hoping to change the face of health and social care

Harrow is a fairly typical outer London borough, distinguished by its diversity, history (with its famous school) and strong family appeal – including low crime, green space and good schools. Read more >>>

Service User Representation in Health and Social Care

This Lords Library briefing provides information on service user representation in health and social care and Healthwatch. Read more >>>


Peabody and Family Mosaic agree merger

Peabody and Family Mosaic have agreed to merge together, creating a new housing group to provide 55,000 homes. Read more >>>

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News Summary of Collaboration and Shared Services from 7th December 2016

There is a really good article on upstream collaborations on page 23 of the new edition of Collaborative Transformation Magazine. You can download a free copy by clicking here.

Here is your collaborative news and job vacancies, for the last seven days….


Devolution annual report 2015 to 2016

This November 2016 report brings together information about devolution agreements reached between government and areas up to 31 March 2016. Read more >>>

District chiefs urged to take part in collaboration and devolution inquiry

District councils have been urged to submit evidence to an inquiry into the opportunities presented by devolution. Read more >>>

First non-metropolitan devolution deal agreed

Cambridge and Peterborough will be the latest region to elect a new mayor next year after seven local councils agreed a £800m devolution deal which will make it the first non-metropolitan devolved area in England. Read more >>>

Local Government

Deal to connect public services on course to save council £3.5m

Surrey County Council is on course to save £3.5m after spearheading an initiative to replace scores of networks with just one. Read more >>>

STPs ‘will meet opposition’ due to lack of council involvement

The controversial STPs would be more likely to succeed if there was proper engagement with local councils and communities, the chief executive of the LGA has told the Communities and Local Government Committee. Read more >>>

Councils back new vision for library services

Councils should use libraries to deliver a wider range of public services in a bid to reinvigorate the sector, a new report has argued. Read more >>>

Chancellor Philip Hammond reaffirms commitment to economy boosting City Deals for Wales

Chancellor Philip Hammond has reaffirmed the UK Government's commitment to getting economy boosting City Deals in South Wales signed off. Read more >>>

Blue Light Transformation

Home Secretary grants further police transformation funding

More than £26 million awarded over the next 3 years to support 28 transformational policing projects. Read more >>>

Emergency Service Collaboration Working Group: National Overview (2016)

The Emergency Services Collaboration Working Group are pleased to launch the refreshed National Overview (2016). Read more >>>

Shared headquarters in Cheshire planned by April 2018

A major collaboration programme aimed at protecting front line emergency services is ongoing in Cheshire. Read more >>>

Health & Social Care

Survey reveals 70% of councils using Social Value Act to meet challenges

Seven out of ten councils are using the Social Value Act when commissioning or procuring services, according to the results of our local government survey. Read more >>>

Millions pledged in new action plan to link health and social care

Health bosses in west Kent have published a blueprint which they say will join up social and hospital care in one streamlined service – for the first time. Read more >>>

Solutions for social care

The leader of Hampshire County Council has committed to continuing investment in new technology to help the thousands of residents who need support from adult social care each year. Read more >>>

Hospital services merge plans to save £337m

More patients will be treated at home and services will be merged as part of £337m cuts over five years. Read more >>>

New social care business hub to create 200 jobs in Lincoln

A new social care business hub will open in Lincoln at the end of the month, following a £500,000 investment – creating up to 200 jobs over the next two years. Read more >>>


Government IT projects flashing red: Email, Phoenix Pay and data centres just the tip of the iceberg

It’s a revealing list. As of Oct. 3, 10 projects involving Shared Services Canada were classified red, meaning troubled, documents obtained by the Citizen reveal. Read more >>>


BT opens shared public sector data center in Belfast

A shared data center for public sector organizations has been opened in Belfast, managed by BT. Read more >>>


Sweating the details at Shared Services: What it will take to reset it

Can Shared Services Canada be saved?
The government’s five-year-old central computer services agency has been unable to deliver any of its main projects on time — not telecom, email or data centres. Read more >>>

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