Thursday, 16 February 2017

News Summary of Collaboration and Shared Services from 15th February 2017

Speaking at a conference last week, Brandon Lewis the Minister for Police and Fire confirmed that "The Policing and Crime Act introduces a new statutory duty on the emergency services to keep collaboration opportunities under review and to enter into collaboration where it would be in the interests of their efficiency or effectiveness to do so. This new duty will come into force in April 2017 and going forward, I expect the pace and ambition of collaboration to increase and for it to become the norm."

This requires that each Ambulance, Fire and Police service will need to produce a collaboration strategy document. Those strategies will need to evidence how collaboration will take forward the strategic narrative of the organisation and also state clearly, what is not up for collaboration.

Here is your collaboration news and collaborative working job vacancies from the last seven days…

Local Government

A joint venture between Daventry District Council and Norse Commercial Services to deliver waste and recycling services is being considered for next year. Read more

Health & Social Care

The government’s plan to integrate health and social care services across England by 2020 is at “significant risk” due to progress being slower and less successful than had been hoped, the National Audit Office (NAO) has warned. Read more
The £1.3 billion investment plan for South West Wales will help speed up the transformation of health services across South West Wales, according to health leaders. Read more

Delivery Models

This guide gives clear explanations of the different types of alternative models and vehicles, their structures and frameworks. Read more


The London Borough of Southwark is set to share IT services with two other London boroughs. Read more

Spending on IT and technology procurement increased dramatically last year with over £800m of outsourcing deals signed by councils. Read more


Berkshire based housing associations Housing Solutions and Bracknell Forest Homes have confirmed they are in early merger discussions. Read more

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News Summary of Collaboration and Shared Services from 8th February 2017

Yesterday was the last seminar for the 13th cohort of senior managers and leaders who were are on the Oct. 2016, Postgraduate Certificate in Collaborative Transformation. Many of them were talking about how valuable the six month part-time study has been and how it will really turbo-charge their CV to have both the certificate and Collaborative Transformation Architect - CTArc™ recognition. The next cohort starts in Oct 2017. Contact me if you would like to discuss.

The Duty To Collaborate, by police, fire and ambulance, will come into play in April 2017 when the Policing and Crime Bill becomes law. If you need to build your collaboration skills, then the next Chief Fire Officers Association Collaborative Transformation programme is 5th to 7th April and is open to anyone across the public sector.

The next session for Police Collaboration leads (held at Ryton College of Policing) is on the 28th Feb to 2nd of March.

Here is your collaboration news and collaborative working job vacancies from the last seven days…

Local Government

£120 million project launched to grow rural economy

A £120m government scheme aimed at supporting rural businesses and projects that help create new jobs has been launched by the government. Read more

East Dorset District Council rejects merger plans

East Dorset District Council has become the first to vote against replacing Dorset's nine councils with two. Read more

Vulnerable offenders to get more support in bid to prevent them relapsing into crime

Vulnerable people already in the criminal justice system or in danger of breaking the law again will be helped by a new support service designed to stop re-offending. Read more

City deal signed for Inverness

The deal’s heads of terms document was signed in March 2016. It will see the Scottish Government commit up to £135 million worth of investment and the UK Government will invest up to £53.1 million. Read more
Plans to share support services between three West Sussex district councils have been dropped. Read more
Two district councils in Oxfordshire have agreed to back the county's plans for the creation of a single unitary council, potentially saving up to £100m. Read more

Health & Social Care

Scotish Government launch health & social care workforce consultation

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on a new strategy for healthcare staff in Scotland to close the "gap" in supply. Read more

Integrating Health and Social Care inquiry

Demand for health and social care services is rising, and funding is not keeping pace. Read more

First contract for NHS Health and Social Care Network awarded

NHS Digital has awarded a three-year contract for the development of Peering Exchanges Services as part of the new Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), set to replace the current N3 system in March this year. Read more
Public Health England (PHE) is piloting an online space on Knowledge Hub to share information about local knowledge and intelligence products and services. Read more
A social care leader is calling for the authorities to put prejudice about the private sector in to one side to solve the crisis facing the NHS this winter. Read more
If 2016 was a year of changing faces at the top of NHS IT, and of changing plans for digitisation – with the arrival of sustainability and transformation plans and digital exemplars – then 2017 should, in theory, be the year when those changes lead to real progress. Read more



Is English devolution dead?

Seven months on from the EU referendum, Greater Lincolnshire and the East of England deals have fallen apart and the Sheffield mayoral election has been postponed. Read more


Smart machines and autonomous robots could make nearly 250,000 administrative roles redundant, report argues. Read more


Blog: Collaborating with European cities to fund and deliver affordable housing

Scottish Cities Alliance’s housing advisor Jim Hayton speaks about the Alliance’s role on the European Housing Partnership and how it will assist Scotland’s cities to deliver more affordable housing in Scotland. Read more

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